09 gade tool kit

Hey guys. Just bought an 09 renegade a while ago and it did not come with a tool kit. Can any one give me the list of what is in it. Thanks in advance.

H&M (Indian Ridge) Claimed An Axle

Just installed my Hipers, feeling damn good about my ride, came off a 6' high jump a little crooked, landed right rear first and the rest can be seen in the pic.
Threw her in AWD, drove her out of the woods to a local shop and luckily they had one in stock.
I carry 95% of all tools needed, but shop lended me a few and I along with my buddy had her back up and on the trails in 20 mins.
Anyone ever run a "Slasher" axle?Attachment 92601

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Secondary clutch removal issues

Has anyone built or know what size the puller diameter and thread pitch is for the secondary clutch EBS
On a 2004 sportsman 500 HO.
I pulled the Center bolt and the clutch will not come off.

Greetings from the north

Hello my name is Adrian and I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada have just picked up a 2004 polaris sportsman 500HO not running due to bad fuel and just needs some TLC hoping to get some help here to fix it my self.

No electricity when key turned but everything once pull started

Hey all,

I was recently gifted a 1999 polaris sportsman 500. The thing was it wouldn't start. After installing a new battery, stator carb, plug, and airfilter the thing runs like a top.

When I was out on a bike trip we were driving on logging roads - nothing serious, when we stopped to look at a map we shut down the bikes and then I noticed the problem. The bike turns over with no issues when I pull start it however, there is no electricity at all whether it be starter to any lights when I turn the key.

The battery is full power, the winch still gets power, and I tightened the connections. Every single connection I can find I have contact cleaner sprayed.

All resistances from charging coil and stator are within reasonable levels.

The battery recieves ~5v when bike is at idle.

The key kills the engine if turned off. When engine is running the starter will engage if switch is pushed. Lights flicker slightly.

This seems to be a connection issue somewhere but I am lost

Can anybody please help with my frustrations???



PC 5 target A/F ratios

I searched but couldnt find it so I'm asking... could anyone post a copy of their target A/F ratio table for an 800 outlander? I know that dj says the cruise range is suggested to be 13.7-14.0 and other ranges 12.8-13.4. But seeing the table and viewing the values at different throttle % and rpms would be great.

thanks in advance for anyone who can post one...

Cheep brake shoes

Just rebuilt the front end in my Magnum 330. So I thought I would install new front brake shoes seeing I had it all apart. Me being cheap bought the cheapest Chinese brake shoes I could buy on E-Bay. What a mistake that was. All the new brake shoes will do is slow the bike down, forget it if I had to make a fast stop. You get what you pay for with Chinese junk parts.

Limit Switch Installation

I have a 2016 Commander Max 1000 with a Can Am Superwinch.

I'm trying to install the limit switch correctly, but the instructions suck.

The plow will go out, but not in.

Currently, I have the green and blue wire for the solenoid connected this to the green wire of the limit switch.

I also connected the ground wire.

The instructions do not tell me where to go from here. Any help is appreciated.

Eps problems.

I was ready to go on a ride on my 2014 polaris sportsman 850 xp and i took it for a ride around the yard. The p.s. keeps cutting in and out. Along with the p.s. light coming on and going off. When the bike sits still everything is fine. I see videos with the relay causing grief for a lot of people. All the videos and articles I've read show the relay by the gas filler neck or behind steering column. I've looked all over and cant find it. I do however have a p.s. relay in the fuse box. Is that the only one? If so i switched relays out and same problem. Any help guys would be awesome. Thanks in advance.