2005 500 clutch dragging.

Hi all, my first post on this forum, as I just bought my first ATV for use on my property. Its a 2005 Sportsman HO. Got it pretty cheap but it had a few issues. Replaced the battery, it now starts fine, but the clutch drags constantly, making it nearly impossible to change gear with the engine running.

I pulled the secondary clutch and found all the screws missing and the 3 rollers just rattling around loose! Fixed that, started her up and the clutch still dragging.

With the clutch cover off, the primary clutch looks too be working properly when I rev it, its just that the secondary clutch spins constantly too, even at idle speed of 1100-1200rpm.

Belt looks new, primary clutch seems OK, gave it a clean and put it back in. No better.
Not sure what to do next. Rebuild primary clutch? Replace it? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Idle screw turns

Does anyone know how many turns out the idle adjustment screw on the bottom of the carb is from the factory? We lost count when we were adjusting and now I want to screw it all the way in and back it out however far it was from the factory to 2002 Sportsman 400 4 X4.

Need tips for the next time Dave’s 2007, 800 gets taken apart

Finally getting to editing my GoPro footage, which that alone has proven to be a learning challenge with just a tablet and iPhone. Please feel free to comment on you-tube or here. I can load up pictures if the video isn’t good enough. Thanks in advance as Dave fixed the cracking frame parts and to investigate the float before spending Gibbs of money on a whole new pump with the float assembly. The video is about 20 minutes long, sorry. I still have some learning to do with regard to sound and clipping, trimming.

Feel free to ask Dave any questions if you wish. He is new to this machine but is a licensed mechanic and mechanical mill wright by trade, also heads up the maintenance crew of our local hospital. Being new comers to this sport, love quading and adventuring!

Enjoy, there are some funny moments in the vid, It’s simple viewing maybe a bit boaring for some.

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2009 Polaris Ranger 700 H.D. $8499

This is a fuel injected 4X4 machine with Turf and Diff. Lock, Self Leveling Suspension, Tilt Wheel and Power Steering. Comes with a 60" Front mount Glacier II Quick Release Plow and 4500 lb. Winch. Hard Roof and Half Windshield. Aluminum Wheels and Buzz Saw Tires. Rear View Mirrors and Light Bars.

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Outlaw 50 rev limit at idle / wiring diagram.

I picked up a nonrunning Outlaw 50 4 stroke for $200. I got it running and had some starter and starter clutch issues. Once that was corrected it was starting, running, riding and idling great. Then while riding it got stuck at idle. It's stuck electronically. It's definitely the ignition not letting it rev. I figured it was probably the electronic throttle control but I've tried unhooking and jumping and messing with the switch and have had no luck. I'm wondering of there's a bad connection elsewhere in that circuit but can't find a wiring diagram. Any input on this? Thanks.

2005 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O Throttle Lever

Hey guys, I've found threads on this but they're all older and the links have expired. I have a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O and the thumb throttle lever snapped off the other day. I went to check out replacements online but they all say I have to buy the entire assembly, which obviously I don't need because only the throttle snapped, everything else is mint. I haven't been able to find any aftermarket pieces either. Do you guys know any throttles i can buy online that would work? Thanks

2000 Xplorer AWD reverse Problem

The unit instrument lights are not in sync with the gear shift position.

I have no 4 wheel drive in reverse even when the override button is pushed.

In Neutral when the reverse override is pushed the amber reverse light activates but not in reverse.

The neutral light does not light up in neutral.

Two issues:

1) Why are the indicator lights not properly syncing with the gear shift position
2) What could be the cause of the no front wheel drive in reverse when override is depressed?