Trailer length

In the market to switch from an outlander to a defender. I have a 6x10foot trailer with rear lifting loading ramp. According to the online specs the defender measures 120 inches. Is this accurate? Does anyone know if the defender fit in the trailer? I should maybe mention the trailer has side walls measureling 15in.

Thanks in advance

Kansas Mechanic

Does anyone know of a Mechanic in Kansas that can work on Can-Am. I have tried google with no luck. Thanks for any help in advance.

New bike, first Can-am

Hellow everyone

I am going to purchase a 2018 Outlander DPS 570 today. I currently own a 2004 Polaris 700 twin Sportsman. The Polaris has been great but it is much harder to steer than the Outlander. I use my quad daily on my small 40-acre farm in the Missouri Ozarks, I use the machine for brush hogging, driveway maintenance. fence maintenance, and all around chores.
In shopping for this unit I found that although the Outlander has a smaller engine it actually produces more power than my old 700, and it handles much easier.
I am getting a green one and plan on rapping it with mossy oaks graphics a little later on.
I would be pleased to hear from others about this machine as I actually know nothing about it.


2017 Can Am Maverick xc 1000 — Lift Kit

I am looking for a lift kit that will fit my 2017 Maverick xc 1000. Has anyone found one that works? I am looking for a 2-4 inch lift. Also, looking for information on the best tire size / issues with installing the lift.

Ew can am defender cab hd10

Having never owned a can am defender , I don't know if it's normal, but it is very loud. I almost need ear plugs while driving it. I had hoped it was quieter than a Polaris. I drove a Polaris with a cab and it was a lot quieter. When you turn the ignition off there is a spinning sound. It sounds like a starter. When it is off I can hear dripping sounds like the oil is dripping back into the pan. My question is, is this normal for a can am defender? Excessive noise, turning ignition off spinning sound, and loud dripping into oil pan after engine is off.

New to forum

Hey everybody,
My name is Jim and I'm from NC. I am currently living in Barrow, Alaska. I recently purchased a Can-am defender cab hd10 for driving to work and for use on the beach and tundra.

Hello from Canada!

First off I'll start with this post hopefully not being imposing or in the wrong place. By all means if it is I can move it or delete it. Essentially I've been riding ATV's for more than half my life, and I love the community. I'm part of a local club up here in Canada (Refrew County ATV) and can't get enough, so I am reaching out online. I love seeing rides, learning about options and seeing the aftermarket. Because of all this I've started a YouTube channel and my own community and want to share it. I don't mean to be annoying or imposing, simply trying to share my end of the experiance!

So I will keep it brief, you can catch me on YouTube @ Mainville ATV and Outdoors ( )
Facebook: Mainville ATV and Outdoors (We have a page and a group)
Instagram: Mainville ATV and Outdoors

I fully intend to indulge in everything here on Can-Am Forum! Super excited, thanks everyone!

Outlander 1000 Fuel Range

Hello, I'm just wondering what everyone with the 1000R is getting for fuel range on average? I have a 2017 Outlander Max 1000R. I did not buy this machine to worry about how much gas I am going to burn. The only thing that bothers me is the inconvenience of having to take extra fuel on longer trips. I'm quite sure I used to get about 140-150 kms to a tank of fuel before installing a HMF Slip On and Optimizer. I know these bikes run lean from the factory, that's why you're getting such mileage out of the tank. After the install of this I am only getting about 90-100 kms to a tank of fuel. For you people south of the border that's only about 55-60 miles. This was driving on open roads at speeds of 50-60 kms per hour and hardly getting into the throttle at all. I just purchased 2 gas can kits from Wes Industries to carry an extra 10 liters of fuel.