850 XP dead

I have a 2014 Sportsman 850 XP. This morning I had been plowing snow then got off to open garage. ATV suddenly died. Now the key is stuck in ignition, screen is black and won't even turn on auxiliary power. Still have power to the winch which is wired directly to the battery. Obviously something electrical just hopping for a good idea where to start.

17 Sportsman 850 Engine Light

I have a 17 sportsman 850 sp NEW body style, 44 hours 290 miles. I have sya snorkel kit, HD pinion cover, air box lid seal upgrade, GSE muffler (no tuner, stock air filter, says does not require neither to be upgraded) and 27 inch outback max. I rode it at our local atv park that is mainly mud/water. I submerge it all the time with no problem I’ve had it above the handle bars and cluster for 10 minutes in a freezing pond never failed on me. Yesterday the engine light came on when I got it under water in the same pond as I mentioned above. The throttle was limited but didn’t see to lack engine idling or power. Just as if it were in limp mode. 5 minutes of riding back to the truck, the light went away and had full power. I opened the air box lid and it was dry as ever, engine oil was clean no water. It has done this twice the two past recent rides but only when under water at low idle just floating through. And went off shortly after I was out of water hole.
My logical guesses are maybe:
1. cooling fan motor is tripping bc it can’t turn while under water? But the engine temp drops to 110-135 degrees while in water. Will that cause fuel problems?
2. Something is getting shorted? But I’ve had it under water several times before never gave trouble til now.
3. Engine is getting too cold? Water is super freezing right now.
4. My gse muffler with no fuel tuner causing my engine to idle lower bc of the extra back pressure from trying to exhaust out under water?

Hello from Eagle Lake California

Hello, new member here hailing from a Eagle Lake California, way up in the woods !, we spend a ton of time riding up here and exploring new areas, watching wildlife, etc.. We currently own a 650 Max XT 2 up and as of yesterday a 2018 570 xt which we got after trading away our 450 recall baby, were always looking for new friends who like to ride, glad to be here :smile

Sportsman XP speed sensor


Bought a used (cheap) 2011 XP 550. Have been fixing problems since that. First time today I actually
had a chance to test it and the fault code 84-2 and 84-19 came up. Narrowed it down to the speed sensor.

Found the sensor behind transmission but no cables? Can someone instruct me where the wires should go to
or a photo would be even better, thanks.


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96 sportsman

I recently purchased a 96 sportsman 400 4x4 (2 stroke). Road it about an hour and the bottom half of engine blew. Is there other years or models that would use the same engine? Where could i get one?

2018 Powervision CX w/wideband autotune

Hi All,
I installed the Dynojet Powervision CX with their Wideband CX autotune kit. Thought I'd share since I hadn't seen anything on here about that. You must weld a bung in your exhaust to accommodate this. But, once done, man it's pretty!


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