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You guys need to do some internal cleaning. It seems some of you have grown too big for your britches and are acting like children.

In the past month I have had whole paragraphs removed from my posts and now I have a thread that was deleted. The one that was deleted yesterday was just wanting to compare how much maintenance others have done to what I have done so far. No bashing Polaris, no cussing, and no badmouthing anyone on the forum...yet...the thread gets deleted. And to add to that, they don't even have to stones to contact you about it. You come here looking for your post or thread you started just to find it missing or edited because some mod with a mental deficiency was offended.

Not once have any of the mods here contacted me about my actions or posts on this site. This kind of "censorship" will make people not want to post and share their experiences... I mean, no point in doing the typing and editing if it's just going to be deleted by some idiot with a power trip.

This thread will most certainly be taken down so I have copied it to my notebook and will start this same thread everyday. I know I'll eventually be booted, but if they won't let me be a productive member of this site then I'll just start acting like they do.:grin

1998 sportsman flywheel

I bought a sportsman 500 for $350. It needs a new flywheel. One magnet came loose. My question is this, I found a used flywheel for $75. I found some on EBay for $250 and up. Should I go the cheap route and buy the $75 One and put some JB weld on the sides on the magnets. Or should I bite the bullet and buy a new One?

Newbie Can Amer and Member

Picked up my first Can Am in the spring and loving it. Just got the 60 inch alpine flex plow and am looking forward to the first dumping of snow. Never used a plow before so feel free to hit me with any tips or tricks. Thanks

Awd not working

4 wheel drive indicator is not displaying on screen when switched to 4x4 and 4wheel drive does not work. Is it the switch? What do I check?

Awd not working

Awd indicator on 2011 sportsman 850xp is not displaying when switched in 4x4 and it is not going into 4 wheel drive. What do I need to check first? Is it the switch that is bad?

2012 850 xp

2012 850 xp

Looking at getting a used 850 xp eps with 3000 miles on it. Hand warmers, 2up seating and front and rear lock and go boxes, winch , new Roctane xd 8 ply tires and battery this spring. Have not seen this machine in person but it looks to be in real good shape from the pictures. I live in Minnesota and prices are crazy for 4 wheelers here. Wondering if $5000 is a fair price and what I should look at and ask when I go to look at it? How are the 850's holding up or is 3000 miles pretty much wore out?
Thanks in advance for all your help and answers