30x10x12 tires on stock wheels?

Hey guys! I?m looking to upgrade my stock tires. But don?t wanna buy rims. Is it possible to run 30x10x12 tires on a 2016 canam 650 XT. I was also thinking about running a 1? spring spacer

2006 polaris 200 will not star

When i hit the starter button,Nothing,battery is full charge and i tested starter button and it "closes: when you push it and i have 12 volts to it. I did a starter sylnoid<sp> and still nothing. Need next step please.

2003 330 traul boss floodinf unless fuel is shut off

If I don't shut off the fuel even for more than a few minutes the carb floods and is difficult to start. It requires me to start like a flooded motor, must hold open the throttle and crank. I have read that the carb float is notorious for not holding the needle seated. I can buy two different carbs for a little more than a rebuild kit. One is by Caltric and the other is by Zoom Zoom both have great reviews. Now my dilemma, the quad runs GREAT and I have no problem with it if I remember to turn off the fuel, so what do I do, I have even put a note on the console "TURN OFF THE FUEL"yet I have forgotten? Like Forest Gump says "stupid is as stupid does". Please share your experience.

2013 sportsman 400HO Right rear inner joint

That joint has blown out twice in a little over a year. No idea what is causing this, could it be that the wheel is travelling too far and pulling the joint apart? Would spinning tires or skidding the back cause this?

Any feedback about Sixity Axles? Got the last one all complete, drop in and go, but same problem that he had with OEM we are seeing today.

When jacked up, the axle was hanging by the boot, didnt notice that until it was up in the air. Got the brake caliper off and the axle practically fell off in hand.


2002 Sportsman 90 No spark

Does anyone here have a quick reference to a wiring guide for this quad. Im trying to trouble shoot different components. Any experienced feedback is appreciated. A dad trying to learn with his son.