Trans code E limp mode , sporadic

2012 Can-Am Outlander 1000r stock
Definitely a trans code change the oil oil looked clean from last change not even 2 years ago.
There's a plug with three wires going to it can I unplug that or is that for the rotary sensor and has to be reprogrammed by dealership BUDDS SYSTEM what Are my choices I'm riding now or would like to be
Riding Now TY,
think I'm going to pull the wires and put Dielectric grease on contacts?
What do you think what do you think

secondary clutch

I'm new to the polaris atv with the cvt clutch system. Just bought a 2003 sportsman 500ho and I've taken both clutch out to check them out. My primary is in excellent shape but has the wrong spring, I'm putting it back to stock, I believe its suppose to be a blue spring, the one it has is orange. I've taken the secondary apart and its also in great shape with a white and green spring and I believe that is the correct stock spring. I started putting back the secondary and realize that the spring cannot be adjusted ( clocked) this normal? I'm use to snowmobile clutches and I've always clocked the spring...hope you guys understand what I mean...

thanks for the info

lower strut

I'm working on my 2003 sportsman 500. I bought it a few weeks ago and found a destroyed ball joint on the left side.

After using some jbweld and a grease gun I got the old ball joint cup out and also got the stem out of the a-arm tonight with some fire and hammer.

I'm putting the lower strut back on and was wondering what the best way to compress the spring is to get the whole shock assembly back to the compression it was at.

Can I just lower the bike off of the jack to get it to sit on all 4 wheels and tighten everything up once assembled?

Is there a better way?

New 2018 scrambler owner Hello

Just an intro to get me going. I'm from Tasmania Australia and Ive just purchased a 2018 scrambler. I'm interested in information on upgrades/parts/and general tech. thanks you

Out of state purchase

I’m looking at a 2018 Sportsman 570 base model. I am in Ohio and so far have gotten quotes from a dealer in Michigan, Lexington Powersports in KY and Abernathy in TN. Abernathy’s price crushed the above two dealers. When trying to get a dealer closer to match, they said “by all means go out of state but you will find they are full of it and it will be a nightmare trying to register it in Ohio.”

I’m sure many of you have bought out of state, any tips? I see a lot of people talk about Abernathy, will I have any issues? I don’t mind a drive, I have family that way so I can make it a worth while trip.


Sway bar bushings

So found my sway bar bushings are sloppy on my 2001 magnum 325. Looks like a 1/2 drive two unscrew. Is that all there is to it?

How to get rear end out of 2012 850 XP????

I recently bought a 2012 Sportsman 850 XP and the rear end bearings are shot! I bought a rebuild kit and am trying to remove the gearbox from the frame. Do i have to remove the clutch to make room? If so do I just remove the center bolt of the clutch and pull it off. Is it lefthanded? I sure need to get this thing out!

Thanks for the help. Kevin

Gear position sensor

2017 Scrambler 1000 Switches gears fine from park to reverse to neutral to low to high, but my dash shows L for low and High. Although everything works how it should. I replaced the gear position sensor and it did nothing. Any ideas of the problem?

Trail riding- 2018 570 EPS or Utility model ?

Good evening, I’m looking at the 2018 570 eps and also the 570 utility. Does anyone have any input that would be helpful on what one would actually be better for trail riding (gravel, dirt, grass, rock). I like both but the utility has more tie down options and front guard already. And being a girl, I like the gray color of the utility lol. The only thing negative I’ve heard isn’t that the utility won’t go as fast a second the 570 eps. I’m brand new to this so any help would be very appreciated!!! Thanks Keri