98 500 compression issues


So here is my story.

This quad has been a great machine thus far. it started to have the usual hard to start issues so I ordered a new cam, and rockers off line. parts came and I tore it down and replaced both rockers and cam, reset timing and it fired right up. Still had a hesitation on the initial rollover, I thought maybe my starter was going tu so I replaced it. No change. I havent done anything since cause of regular life things until tonight when it started snowing. Went out to shop fired it up and made it about 500 yards and it died. Hit the starter and it just rolled over like it had no compression. got off of it cussed at it a minute and walla it had compression again, drove it about 80 feet and it died again. Drug it back to the shop and started messing with it. pulled valve cover off and everything seems to be moving freely up and down like it should. got it to refire and it ran for a few minutes then the no compression thing again. I can put my hand over the exhaust and it will suck and blow through the exhaust pipe. any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

500 HO: Cam tensioner reset / affect on compression relief

Trying to troubleshoot the compression release on my 2001 Sportsman 500. The starter and pull cord are locking up. I adjusted the valves. I noticed when the flywheel TDC mark is at the hole in the recoil housing, the two dots on the gear to the cam shelf are not quite at the top of their travel. I have not yet checked the decompressor as described elsewhere on this forum. I did remove the chain tensioner for the OH cam. In trying to reset it, the pawl does not hold the plunger in place. Is this a sign of a worn tensioner. If the tensioner is worn, oils this cause the lock up I am experiencing?

BKT 171 actual tire size!

Is anyone running these tires, I bought some 28s for my sons bike and they are measuring about 26”, WTF, they aren’t mounted yet, I was considering getting them for my xmr to replace my outlaws but not if they are running that small

Homemade Lock and Ride Anchors

Hey folks, just wanted to share a picture of some lock an ride anchors I made this past week. I know it's been done a few times and there are many knock off ones out there for a decent price now but I'm handy, and decided to try and make a couple using a method that I wasnt entirely sure would even work.

I used an old hockey puck for the plug. Drilled out two plugs with a drill press using an 1 1/8" hole cutter. The rest is pretty self explanatory on how its assembled. They fit perfectly and only needed to be tightened by hand a few half turns before they were snug enough.


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Hi Everyone just joined

I currently drive an outlander max but I’m was looking into buying a used 2016 renegade 1000. Has anyone had any major problems with this machine let me know..thanks