One sided trouble.

Hey guys and gals. Having a little issue with my 2011 Sportsman 800. I bought new tires last week. 12x9x27’s. Everything fits except for the right front (if you’re looking at the bike). For some reason the right front tire rubs the tie rod end. I pulled the front wheels off, did a realignment, put them back on...same problem. I checked my ball joints, decided they were a little loose, so I changed them this evening. Put the tires back on and that tire is still rubbing. I have about 3/4” clearance on the left tire but the right one is right up against the tie rod. Any suggestions what could be causing the problem?

2016 sportsman 850xp

I just purchased a 2016 polaris sportsman 850xp I ordered a oil change kit with ps-4 oil and I'm wondering whats recommended through polaris for front diff,transmission fluid and rear diff fluid I want to use all polaris brands just making sure I use the correct fluids for each one cause the atv didn't come with owners manual and I know the front diff takes a special fluid as for the trans and rear diff

2012 Sportsman 500 HO won’t start

Ran fine then one morning would not start. Engine turns over fine, gets spark will not fire up. Changed fuel filter and filter, new spark plug, checked all fuel lines...all clear. It will fire up for a short time if I put fuel directly into the carb. What is the probability this Is an electrical problem or some other mechanical issue?

2004 sportsman 400 frame/engine cable

Hello all, i am fairly new to the atv world. I recently purchased a 2004 sportman 400 and it needed some work. I have it mostly finished but i have no idea where the frame/engine ground cable connects. If anyone has any idea where this cable goes on this four wheeler I would greatly appreciate it and put you in my prayers. A pic. would be excellent if anyone has one. I know it is located above the water pump but unsure exactly where it is suppose to go, Thanks all.

570 rzr & 500 sportsman

Posting this for a friend....... He may be willing to give these two bikes away to a good home, someone that would actually use them. They haven't seen the trails in a very long time, you will have to drain and refill them with fresh gas. Local pick up only, will not ship.

Contact RICH via private message on this forum.


What model year

Ok. I purchased a used Sportsman 500 last year and it is along the lines of 2000 to 2001 model year to my knowledge. I’ve looked for the VIN with no luck (yes, looked on frame by front/left strut). It has EBS. From what I can tell by narrowing down based on parts from the service manual and pictures, it is a 2000 or 2001. Anyone have a good way to tell for sure what model year I have (hand controls, dash style, shift lever, etc.)? It gets difficult to buy replacement parts without knowing what I have for sure.

Let me know what questions you have and I’ll respond when possible. Thanks

99 scrambler 500

Bike stopped working last week, not getting juice to start it with electric start.
So today I crossed the solenoid over and it ran for about 5 mins and cut out and wouldn't start again after I tried crossing the solenoid over again . Is this a bat battery or solenoid? Need help asap !
Thanks in advance friends.

1996 sportsman 500 hot light on when bike isnt even running

Hey guys im new to this i have a 1996 sportsman 500 that the temp light comes on when the key is turned on and the bike isnt even running. The fan is hooked up to a switch so when the fan is on the hot light comes on. I took the engine sensor out and the light still was on even though the fan switch was off and the bike wasnt running. Would this be a ground problem? With the white and blue wire? If any one has a manual that would be great. The bike isnt really heating up i beleive its a false reading

Sportsman 800 2005 need some EFI help

I hope you are not to fed up with EFI issues…

I live in Sweden and I have a 2005 Sportsman 800 with 250 h on the clock. It started to run a little bit rich and is now at the point where the machine stalls at idle. These are the symptoms: Idle drops really low, below 700 rpm and finally stalls especially when the machine is hot. It runs a little bit rich but exhaust is not black and it does not smell of fuel. Spark plugs were black (soot). It hesitates a little bit at low rpm:s but pulls rather ok especially before it gets hot. No codes are set. I also have a problem that the fuel level is sometimes showing in the display and sometimes not but I assume it is not related.

What have I done so far. Battery is checked and fully charged. Both spark plugs new. New air filter. As I think the fan is not starting as often as before I have changed the temp sensor. Engine does not get warm (no boiling or warnings) and the fan starts when pulling the wires at the sensor. Crank case ventilation is clear and I can not see anything strange with the wiring to the TPS or T-BAP. I have checked the voltage at the TPS just by measuring voltage when the ignition is on and it was 0,694 V. Turned the TPS so it is now 0,710 V (did not make any difference for the idle). I tried to set the idle by turning the TPS but couldn´t get it above 850 rpms when cold and trickles down and stalls when warmer. I have not changed the idle screw setting. When using the throttle I can´t see anything strange with the voltage readings but that is with my multimeter as I don´t have an analog voltmeter.

I don´t know where to check next. I know wiring issues and the T-Bap sensor is causing a lot of EFI-problems but shouldn´t I have error codes if that was the case? I have not checked the fuel pressure but the fuel pump was changed last autumn. Could the exhaust be restricted?