2018 Can Am Renegade XMR 570

I’ve been having some overheating problems, the radiator is clean from the front, but it’s hard to access the back side for cleaning. It may be a coolant issue, so what kind of coolant would you guys recommend? I looked at Evans waterless coolant. What do you guys think.

Rear Storage

Looking for a Hard Box for rear storage to use for Hunting. So many options, please post if you have purchased or seen one that is durable and holds up well. I have the original Polaris Box but need more room, Thanks
Brand and pictures would be great

Cheese Trail Ride Sep 082018

I see this posted on the Cheese Trail Web Sight...... Does anyone know if this is open to the public or is it for club members only??

The Cheese Country Trail is currently OPEN. Posted 8/09/2018
Please stay on trail!!

Tri County ATV Club Fall Raffle - Saturday, September 8
Guided Ride - Registration 9-10A @ Calamine Pavilion - $10 per person, lunch included - Leave at 10AM return around 4PM
Sandwiches & Beverages available - 2PM at pavilion
Music - 4PM
Raffle Drawing 6PM

Need mechanics help.

After swamping my 2013 1k rene and taking out the the crank bearings I rebuilt it. New crank new bearings new cylinders and pistons and a boyseen high flow water pump. Ever since I rebuilt it the engine throws off a lot of heat now. It didn't before. I thought it was coming from my exhaust so I wrapped that with header wrap. This did seem to reduce my heat issue on my legs however now my bike goes in to " high temp limp mode" which I've never had happen before. My rad is clean my fan does work and the pump is circulating. I'm looking for what I need to look at? Thoughts?

Magnum 330 oil leak

Have a 05 330. purchased a year ago, had oil leak. Replaced both oil cooler hoses thinking that was the issue. It was, but wasn't. Still have a leak coming from the upper portion of cylinder head. Looks like valve cover or the round access cover just above the exhaust manifold. Any pointers in dealing with this. I suspect the cover above the exhaust, just due to age and heat. Runs great other wise. Maybe just reseal the entire upper end....

Clock not saving

2018 sportsman 850, I love this atv so far but I noticed on my last ride that the time was not saving after turning the machine off and on. Would reset to 12:40 every time I started it. I looked in the manual and nothing. I was wondering if there was like a battery in the cluster that can be replaced. Everything else saves but the time.

Picking up a new quad

Wednesday i will be picking up my new quad (650 Outlander Max XT). I was curious if there is anything i should double check before i take official delivery of the bike?

it is being assembled right out of the crate, so safe to assume if there are any recalls they will hopefully be done as they assemble it. Are there any known recalls for the 2018s?

i am a car guy and this is my first bike, so i am nervous and super excited.

Giving polaris a try

Just picked up a new to me 16 sportsman 850 sp, was told it was a light rollover with just cosmetic scratches remaining. Dealer also told me they just put a new front diff and axles in it and I made sure to get a 2 year extended warranty as well. Past quads were a Kodiak and a king quad both of which I loved, but figured I'd go a different route this time. Haven't had time to get to a trail.

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Elka shocks, can you run them soft?

I was wondering, I am a light driver, and I adjusted the stock shocks to get them as soft as possible.
The atv rides MUCH softer now, I almost don't feel the bumps.

But, I can't really go faster because the atv is going everywhere and is hard to control, it's like they bounce even more now, kicking me all over the place.

With elka shocks, are you able to run them soft and keep better control, or it also comes at the cost of firmer ride?

Trying to figure it out, because I do a lot of really bumpy forest trail, I don't want a shock that is going to be too firm, more like tuned for hardpack racing.

Stage3s will probably be my next upgrade, because I can't keep control when going fast with the stock shocks. It's like I can't even turn, the atv kind of rolls to the side instead of turning, a little hard to explain.


2012 ds 90

What I know for sure ........4 wheeler would turn over but not start. Thought it was carb. Replaced it. Still same thing. Cranked on it until I burned starter up. ( very dumb I know). Replaced starter. Back to square one. Will crank now but not start. Replaced spark plug. Still crank no start. Pull spark up and ground to motor. No spark. Just ordered ignition coil. Should this solve problem?