RVS Coupon Code

I may be crazy, but at one time I thought I saw a coupon code that members of this site can use when purchasing from RVS Performance.
Am I nuts, or is there a code just for members? I think it was for 10% off.

Timing guides and chain

So I picked up a 1998 Polaris sportsman 500 and it hasn’t ran in a while so I bought a new carb and new spark plug and all it would do was backfire out of the carb so I new the timing was off well upon pulling the cover off of the motor the chain is loose so i felt the timing guide and on he left side of the head closest to the carb and it has side to side movement is this normal and the tensioner has been rigged in the past with a nut welded on the end my first Polaris and could use some help thanks in advance I will try to get a pic of the chain tomorrow

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Electrical help

Picked up a 94 or 95 Explorer 400L for cheap. Battery was hooked up reverse polarity, barely got it to run no power won't idle. Now couldn't start at all. What electrical parts have been fried? Any help appreciated I'm not wanting to take it to a shop if I can help it. Thanks, Mike

Belt upgrade

Ok i don’t know which belt I need to upgrade on my 570 xmr. Iv seen the heavy duty belt for 120ish for the defender and the Maverick turbo belt for 170ish. Are these both options or am I not looking at the right belts

gros jet

What ever happened to the gros jet? [sp]
You know the little ball and seat that replaced the needle and seat?
We thought they were ''the cats meow'' in the 60s. I sure could have used a couple a while back. lol.