2010 sportsman 550 efi delayed start

I recently picked up a 2010 sportsman 550 efi. When I got it the owner said sometimes, which on "cold" starts is always, that it takes a second to crank over. I haven't found any info on this problem.

Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Here is a "cold" start up. Less then 24 hour's sitting.

After it it's warm some times I get a stutter at start up

One other issue is the I have a small leak in the front diff. It doesn't appear to be any of the seals. The best I can tell is somewhere near the bottom of the diff towards the front. I only found this after seeing a small oil spot on the garage floor.

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2015 sportsman etx fluid

Hey i just bought a 2015 sportsman etx and am looking to change all the fluids can anyone tell me what the diffs take and trannsmission

Throttle At Start Up

Have a 2010 400HO Polaris ATV which is somewhat hard to start, turns over for 3 or 4 seconds before starting in any weather. But, once started, it will start immediately next time. Changed the spark plug, no change to startup. However, when I give the ATV the slightest throttle it will start immediately. Bike only has 850 miles.

Any ideas?

The owners manual clearly states no throttle when starting electronic ignition - what's the harm?

Thanks and I'm not overly mechanical.

2014 sportsman starter replacement

Trying to replace starter ,but the bolt holding it in is up against the frame.theres a hole in frame to remove bolt ,but it is an inch below the hole.how do I pry engine up enough to remove it without breaking anything, or do I need to remove something else?
Thanks for your help.

Ricochet Rear A-Arm plates

I purchased 2 full sets of Ricochet Armor for our new machines. Everything except the rear is fine.

On the rears, it doesn't seem to line up with the instructions. If I work with it, I can make it work by placing clamps under the cv joint, and then it still seems wrong.

Is it possible they are different for 2019?

I would take a picture, but I just came in and wife says time to call it a day!


Tie rod play

Has everyone noticed slight play in there tie rods? I just clicked 240 miles on my rig and noticed a little play in them this morning when I was washing it.

04 700 efi axel nut size

Anyone know the size. outside is 24mm but the inside is it M16 x1.5 that's what Im getting. I am going to have to order one and just wanted to make sure nothing available at the local parts store.

2002 Magnum 325 4×4 Gas in Air Filter

Hey everyone - I’m new to the forum and NOT mechanically inclined but I am willing to learn. I am the original owner of a 2002 Magnum 325 4x4, never had an issue with it until I noticed it having little power but still trying to go when giving it throttle. I first checked the air filter box and found the air filter was saturated with gas. Everything I’ve read tells me it’s the carburetor. It’s never been cleaned and I’ve always used 85-91 ethanol in it - so I’m guessing it’s a mess after 17 years?
Can you all give me a list of recommendations that you would do, along with a list of parts (carb parts, filters air/gas, various lines, etc) that you would buy that while I’m in there I might as well replace knowing nothing ever has? I’d like to buy as many parts as I can before taking it over to a friends (he doesn’t have ATV mechanical experience but he has done some other small engine repair work). I live an hour away from the closest shop and don’t want to open it all up and drive back and forth buying things - I can always return something if I don’t replace it. Also, I can save a lot of money by ordering off of Amazon and EBay - do you have any issues with doing that with the things you’d recommend replacing? Thanks everyone - give me your laundry list of things for me to buy, if you say a specific brand of cleaner or whatever is the best you’ve come across please put it down. Eric

Display voltage inaccurate??

Have any of you guys checked the voltage shown on the display against that shown on a separate meter?
I just found that my display appears to be showing approx. 2 volts higher on the display than what its actually showing to be charging with a meter. I got a "OVR" on the display today and its showing 16.5 - 16.7 volts on the display while running. My meter shows 14.3-14.5 volts running which is good. With engine off/key on the display shows 14.4 but the meter is showing me 12.75 volts which is also good.
I don't know if I'd ever really paid attention to the voltage on the display prior to having the "OVR" pop up lol?? I'm just wondering if its common for the readings to be off that much or if I have something else going on?