New guy

Hello all, Im the process of rebuilding a 05 sportsman 500 that sat outside for 6 years in the Vegas sun and if that's no bad enough it appears to have been rolled numerous times and then some ideal parts removed... lets just say its been the opposite of fun.

For Polman 500

Two things; The Sportsman 500 you and others helped me with is still going strong. Thanks again.

Next; We had a bit of an accident with the Razer I think everyone should see & perhaps profit from.
If you would email me at I will send them to you for you to put here as
posting them is still above my pay grade. Pictures really need to be seen as they are almost unbelievable.
Thanks again, Tom/Idaho

Throttle cable help

1999 Sportsman 500, replaced carb with aftermarket model today. Bike will fire and idle without any issue, but bogs and eventually dies when given throttle. I noticed when putting the throttle cable on the carb that the outer sheath pulls out of the carb end, when I try to put the side plastics back on the idle can be vastly adjusted just by moving the cable. I’m thinking the cable probably needs to be replaced. The choke cable doesn’t seem to have much movement after being reinstalled....that may be my bogging issue, also what is the correct routing for the choke cable?

parting out 1995 300 4X4

Hi All,I'm brand new to the forum, but will be learning as much as I can about my (new to me) 2004 Sportsman 500.

for now, I have a 1995 300 4x4, engine is trashed, but the rest is in decent working condition.

So far I've sold the gas tank and shroud, headlight and cover, gauge cluster, and seat.
Anything else is up for grabs. Plastics are in decent condition. Willing to take photos of anything you may need. Not looking to price gouge, just looking to help out some folks that I'll be soon be asking for help on my new ride.

Thanks in advance!

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Spark plug

Hello. I’m a first time atv owner. Can anyone tell me where the spark plug is located on a 2002 magnum 325. 4X4? Appreciate the help

06 predator 50 fouling plugs

So a buddy had a Polaris 50 predator that he had me work on for him a couple months back. It sat for awhile and just needed the carb cleaned and it ran like a champ. My 4 yr old took to it like a duck to water. He had a trx70 but it was too big for him and he couldn't reach brake levers or foot pegs too well. He never really liked riding due to the fact the Honda was too big. So I decided I needed a Predator 50 and as luck would have it a mint 06 popped up about 30 mins from me so I grabbed it up. His bday was a couple weeks ago and he got a new predator 50. It starts great and runs great when it has a new plug, but it continues to eat plugs.

I am running the factory NGKBRP7 and even tried a couple hotter 6's with no difference. A member on here was nice enough to get me a copy of the factory service manual and the way I read it a #75 main jet is supposed to be stock. My predator has a #77.5, which I highly doubt was added because like I said it is mint and has zero mods. Still had jumper on cdi when I brought it home so I don't think anybody was messing with the jetting. Also when I got on rockymountain to look at jets they have the 77.5 listed as the stock main jet. At first my thought was I needed to just go with the #75 main jet since I thought that was the stock jet, but I'm not sure now that the #77.5 isn't the stock jet.

I've already leaned the needle one clip and that didn't seem to make a difference either, also air filter is clean as new. I'm sure the best bet would be to delete the auto oil injection but if I can fix this another way I'd rather not delete the oil injection. When I change plugs they are black as coal with carbon so it seems to definitely be rich. I tore the carb apart and it looked new clean, I also removed choke plunger and seen nothing wrong with it. Do you guys think dropping the main jet would be the right move or what should I try?

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New Sportsman Owner

Hello! I recently joined the Polaris family with a 2014 Sportsman 850 Touring. It's nearly new, only 30hrs and 200ish miles. So far I'm loving it, and my wife is loving the comfy backseat!

I had a couple questions that hopefully someone here can help with.

1. There is a whine coming from the front left, it gets worse when climbing a hill and is present in neutral when rolling w/engine off. Any thoughts on what to look for or try first?

2. Is there an easy trick to cleaning the undercarriage? It seems to get grass and such stuck up there and the drainage holes aren't big enough to let it out. Just elevate it and dig around I guess?

3. Would anyone happen to have the service manual I could get a copy of? Can't seem to find it online anywhere!

Thanks in advance, look forward to talking with you all!


Best tires for soft deep snow?

Hey all, so dirtbikes are going away and now snow is kicking in and ATVs start coming out :) so, this will be a dedicated snow atv essentially and I usually ride in deep snow to hardpacked snow.

I was looking at kenda executioner, issue is I have a 570..not sure if I have an interest to get a 1000 down the road or not but this will do for now.

was hoping someone has actual feedback on snow with these tires?

so far I am deciding between these 3

2003 Sportsmen 400 4×4

Antifreeze keeps draining from radiator to overflow jug. Does not go back into radiator, I have to add antifreeze every time I ride. Could it be that the radiator cap is loose? I dont know, Please Help! It only overheated once, it wasnt bad at all, but when I take it for short rides, the antifreeze squirts out of the overflow bottle.