2004 sportsman 400 running problem

I have a 2004 sportsman 400, was using it the other day around the yard and out of nowhere it died. Would not restart until i turned the key off and back on again. Now it will sit and idle forever perfectly. As soon as you touch the throttle it dies. Got frustrated and put it in the garage for a few days. Went out today started it up and it ran fine again. Drove it around for a while all seemed good. Then it did it again. I have had the cover off and verified that the throttle safty switch contacts are not touching when pressing the throttle and have held them apart while pressing throttle and it still dies. Carbs are ruled out as it ran perfect for about 20 mins today until the problem presented itself again. Battery conections are tight and is showing 13.2 volts at rest with key off and im getting 14.5-14.8 at idle at the battery. Anyone have any segestions? Im beginnig to think ecm as once it dies it wont restart until you cycle the key off and on. Is there any way to check the ecm?

Xpedition 425 AWD Questions

My Xpedition had the front prop shaft removed when I purchased it due to a bad ujoint. Also, the override switch and the AWD selector switch may or may not be working. I have a lot of testing to do. The Xpedition is a manual 5 speed model so I do not know if that will effect the AWD questions. I would like to test everything before I put the prop shaft back on, but I need a better understanding of how the Polaris AWD system works.

The front output shaft spins when it is in 2x4 or AWD. The override switch does not seem to change anything. Is it normal for the output shaft to still turn while in 2x4? I appreciate any info. Thanks

Tire Size VS Speed Loss Question

I just bought a brand new 2017 450HO and I dearly need to upgrade wheels and tires. If I go to a 26" tire, am I going to lose a ton of speed or power or will it be ok? Also, any need for a clutch kit at this size?

Where to buy wheels and tires?

Hay all!! I just bought a new 2017 450HO in Velocity Blue last week and I have realized quickly that I need new tires and wheels ASAP! The stockers are junk for my style of enjoyment. Either way, where do you all recommend shopping for wheels and tires online? So far it seems like Mud-throwers and Rocky Mountain is what keeps popping up but I am just wondering if there are others better or reviews for wither of these places.

Thanks a bunch!

Break Failure on Rental

We rented a polaris rzr 1000 from a small shop in CO. We drove it up a mountain and it took about 20 mins. Stopped for about 15 mins at the summit and then started to drive down. About 10-15 mins into going down the mountain, we came around a turn to a straightaway and the breaks wouldn't engage and we couldn't slow down. We had to avoid a car and a motorbike so we swerved to the side up the mountain rocks, came back down to the dirt road and flipped. It turned out to the best thing because otherwise I don't think we could have stopped and we all got out okay.

The reason I'm posting here is because I don't have any technical understanding of what could have happened to make the breaks fail that quickly. The rental owner claims that he doesn't doubt that the breaks were not working when we crashed, but he says that they overheated and therefore we are liable. It seems ridiculous on our end considering how close we were to falling off the side of the mountain.

Would appreciate any input or advice. Thank you


hey ya'll i was wondering if i could pull of 26's with a stock machine, not sure if it will need a lift but eventually getting one, gonna do a dynojet stage one kit on it and the exhaust mod, maybe down the road a clutch kit too, but stock for now, anyone think i can do it?

howdy from ohio

howdy ya'll, joined this forum last month before i bought my sportsman, ya'll been real helpful, hope someday i can give as good of advice as ya'll,