spark plug recommendations

Greetings all. I'm in the process of doing some work on both 2011 850 and 550 Touring XP's. I want to change out the spark plugs...and wonder if I should just stick to the owners manual recommendation?? Or...have owners found a better spark plug brand? Heat range?? Etc??

Any advice is appreciated.


Clutch kit or new clutch and the problems that led to this.

I'll start with the back story and keep it short. Finishing up a ride in some somewhat deep water I got stuck and smoked the belt a little on my 2010 650 xt-p. When I got back on the road to head home, I had no get up and go and couldnt get over 50mph in high gear. Took it out the next weekend hoping it was just a little water, but still the same low power issue (motor still hit run out in low and felt just fine, it was just slower to hit that low gear top speed). Pulled open the primary, and im no belt expert but I think it is ok, but the sheaves looked glazed to me. I took them to work to clean them up and when I was done deglazing and went to wash, the fiber covered bushing in the outer half was flaking off. After a little research, I found that I can't replace that bushing. Hopefully I can find a used outer half and get the dalton 650 kit I have been looking at, but if I cant find a decent used outer half and will be spending in the $450 range to get a new outer half and clutch kit should I upgrade to a new clutch entirely? Ive seen some in the 1k range and I just can't spend that. The cvtech I've heard are good but is there anything else in that price range i should be looking at? I have 27" mega mayhems and may go 28" next time I need tires. I spend some time in the mud but lots of trail riding too. I would like more low end with higher engagent without the loss of too much top end speed. Any suggestions?

Oil kits

I am new to the Can Am scene. Does anyone know what oil kit I should use for a 2013 can am Maverick 1000r xrs. Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks

New member/ rider here!

Hey guys! Long time lurker, but first time poster. I have a 2010 outlander xt-p that I purchased at the end of october in a non running condition. After lots of work over a few weeks I got it back running and all has been mostly good. Have a few clutch relsted questions so i finally decided to join the forum. Over the few weeks of rebulding the outlander this forum has been very helpful in getting my machine back to running again, so for that I say thanks.

Front bumper

A few years back a purchased this bumper from a guy in Canada who was making them.
I am wondering if anyone may have this guys contact info. I know he sold several on
can am talk. I am looking to buy a 2018 rene 850 xxc and wondering if this bumper is available for this model. I have attached a pic of the bumper on my 08 500.

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Bogging down and shutting down in reverse

Good evening, hope everyone is well. Cutting right to the chase with a short background: inherited a 1991 trail boss 250 with limited knowledge of the history. Electric start wouldn't work, replaced the starter relay solenoid and that fixed the electric start. Noticed fuel leaking from carb so deducted (probably) a stuck float. Instead of rebuilding/cleaning the carb, I ordered a cheapo Chinese one that wasn't an exact replica of the factory carb (seems a smaller all-around), but it doesn't leak and the wheeler runs.

Now to the current situation...installed a snow plow on the wheeler and after running it with the plow for a few minutes, it bogs down and dies when I put it in reverse. If I'm fast enough and put it back in neutral, it doesn't die and the idle shoots back up to a high-ish idle.

In my mind, the wheeler is working harder with that plow so when I come to a stop in high (forward), and go to reverse, it's gulping air to keep up. If I adjust that idle to burn rich, it dies out from too much fuel at idle and lags way out when I press the throttle lever. All guidance is very much appreciated.

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Buying used

I have a chance to trade my 2013 outlander 800 xt max for a 2013 commander 800 XT. What are things to look for? The only thing the owner disclosed was he put a rear end in it last year and the seats have torn some. It has 4300 miles. Thanks in advance

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