modified wiring so all lights are on with high beam

Easy to do most of the wiring changes are in the pod itself. The green wire that runs down to the low beam lights, I redid the junction adding my own green wire which connects to the relay in the pod.
The relay takes the load, not the switch, could have used the switch, but don't know if it can handle the extra watts.

I also zeroed the speedometer, needle was resting at 4mph, how that happened who knows. Simply pull off needle, use 2 screwdrivers each side pried against plastic housing and off it flies. I greased the shaft, wow was it too tight on there. To reseal, I straightened the crimp ring then used hot glue all round. I dont think bending it back down is a good idea.

Not sure what Polaris was thinking about not running the lights together. And the high beam bulb is only using one filament, I wonder about wiring up both of them. Anyone done that?

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New 1000 XT

Hey guys, been searching but can’t seem to get a straight answer. I know that not all tires measure the same so I thought that I would ask. Looking to put a set of 28 outlaw 2 on my outlander and I’m not to confident that they will fit on the 2019 year model. So does anybody know what the max size tire will fit the outlander XT?

The closeout deals are MASSIVE (plus a promo code)

We first covered the details of this sale over on, but because the gear closeouts cover everything from snowmobile gear to apparel and accessories for motorcyclists, ATV riders, UTV riders, and motocross/dirt riding fanatics, we're sharing the news in a few more places.

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6×6 In a Standard Pickup?

I am looking for ideas on how to carry my 6x6 in the back of my standard bed (6.5ft) pickup. It won't be carried there every time but sometimes it would be handy. I realize that I'll have to build some sort of support rails and maybe connect them into the hitch. I was wondering if anyone has tried this and or has any thoughts on this. Pictures would be great too!

Oetiker pliers multi uses

Browsing my service manual I see that Canam uses these clamp pliers for multi uses. They recommend using these pliers to pull-out the plastic rivets (reusable) with the Oetiker pliers (295 000 070).

Anyone know were to get this model of the Oetiker brand? There is a picture in the service manual showing the pliers in action pulling out one of these plastic body rivets page 595 I've done some searching for the pliers but Oetiker has a kazillion variations of clamp pliers
I can't seem to find this part number to get the recommended plier on the Can am official site.

Any and all suggestions and tips are welcome.

2017 plain jane Outlander 570

Fuse box

We have a 2017 outlander 1000 and I don't know were the fuse box is located. Can someone tell were it is and if it is hard to get. What do I need to do to get at it?

Maverick x3 120hp?

I currently have have a 2015 maverick xds turbo. I have been eyeing up the x3 xrc 64” because the 72” is to wide for where I ride. I am bummed that it is only 120hp not the 172. The dealer keeps telling me it will be a huge improvement over mine. He said even tho it’s the same horsepower the triple cylinder and different clutching. It will be way more power than mine. Just tossing around the idea of maybe I should get a x3 turbo r or xds turbo r because they are 172hp.

1999 Sportsman 335 – Electrical Question

First off- This is a new to me project, and appreciate all the help on this site.

Couple things electrical.
When turn key on and start it- the RED oil light is on always, drained oil, cleaned filter, new oil and its full.

R/N Lights- reverse and neutral I assume.
They never come on, I can move shifter and it goes in gear like it should but no lights.

Any advice- also has brand new battery..
Thanks Again...

2019 Sport 1000R xmr

Just purchased a 1000xmr on a bit of an impulse last night, has the big mudders which im not sure will work here for mostly trail riding and dirt roads.
I should have waited for the xrc but the dealer said nothing is coming in til spring and i got the bug to get something for the winter season here.

Any suggestions on what i should do?

Should i keep them and let them wear out: I may have to put some studs in the tires to make it up my icy hill.

Sell them as New and buy a different tires?

Should i keep them and get new rims and tires but that sounds way to expensive!