Setting valves with decompression

Just something that makes me curious...A can-am with centrifical decompression...setting valves on a cold NON-running engine, would it not be prudent, that the centrifical weight be held in the running position to set the exhaust valve clearance correctly...If not the valve is being held slightly open at compression TDC...If you set them like that when the engine ran it would have a greatly increased clearance and not allow decompression...Or am I missing something pushes valve 008 thou decompression non running and you set exaust valve with 004 thou clearance, now you have 008 thou less lobe and 004 thou added clearance...Running you would have 012 thou clearance. ???????...:th_smiliefrustrated

Changing diff fluid

new here... Am i the only one who finds changing the diff fluid on the 2014 outlander 500 a royal pain in the ass? Any tricks or advice you guys can offer?

Are the xt shocks really bad, or is everyone exagerating?

Are the xt shocks really bad, or is everyone exagerating?

Looking at a 650 xt or something, but I read everywhere that the shocks are bad and that you need the fox shocks or something else.
Are they really bad, are the fox shocks really better? I can't figure out what I want or need.

The can am dealer says that I only need those for mega jumps, and I read here that they are good at everything.
I do gravel trail riding/hunting, sometimes fast, sometimes lots of potholes, and technical forest trail riding.

2018 Outlander XXC or Renegade XXC

Hey guys,
I posted this same thread in the Outlander section.

Im wanting to get back into bikes again.
Im currently ride or driving a Polaris Rzr and was looking at the Renegade XXC until I saw the Outlander XXC and was kinda
blown away. A utility quad with sport suspension seems awesome! Its a few hundred lbs heavier though.

What do you guys think?
Should I still get a Renegade?

Ive owned utility quads before. I owned a Polaris sportsman, and a Can Am outlander 500 and the reason I sold it was
because I got really bored with it.
I wanted something with 4 wheel drive but something more fun!

What do you guys think?


2018 Outlander XXC or Renegade XXC

Hey guys,
Im gonna buy a new quad soon and cant decide on which one.

I currently own a Polaris RZR, and previously owned a Polaris sportsman, and Can Am outlander 500.

I wanting to get back into quad bikes and was first looking at a Renegade but saw the Outlander XXC and
was kinda blown away....a utility quad with sport suspension seems kinda cool.

The Renegade is also bad ass though and a few hundred pounds lighter.

I do mostly rocks, dirt and sandy washes, and some dunes.
I got rid of the other utility quads mostly because I got kinda bored just 4x4ing around and wanted something
more like a race quad with 4x4 ability.

Any thoughts?


Carb problem or something else?

I have a 1999 Big Boss 6x6 sport 500 with a Mizuni carb.
Symptoms: over a few weeks lost power considerably, no guts, backfires with even a little load. It can reach max 29 mph if I let her run for a block or so. Craps out on a medium incline. If I start out from zero and push the throttle a bit hard, it will stumble or backfire or both. It idles smoothly. It has started backfiring more as time goes on. Usually backfires as I nurse it up to speed. will not backfire if I am very gentle. Use this multiple times a week all year long. NOT bad gas, use 91 octane unleaded, no ethanol. Carb does NOT leak gas, looks all good from outside. Exhaust and muffler sooty, black. Spark plug was very black before cleaning. Cleaned up fine though, no wear, gap 0.005" too wide, spec = 0.030"

Due to maintenance items and trying to fix this the following items have been done already:
-- changed oil / filter
-- new gas tank valve, leaked like a sieve.
-- did not change air filter but ran it with it off and no effect, cannot see light through though.
-- new spark plug
-- removed muffler, looks OK just sooty no plugging, mice nests etc, and no improvement in performance with it OFF, removed spark arrestor plug no sooty exhaust and no improvement.
-- simply cleaned the old spark plug and got some improvement, no further improvement with a new one.
-- changed fuel filter, no improvement
-- removed carb (with cables hanging on it) and dropped in amine based carb cleaning solution for 1/2 hr, did NOT remove any jets, shot carb cleaner through all exposed jets after the soak(1st removed top and bottom sections for access) NO improvement. Wondering if replacing the rubber diaphragm on top would have any effect; is that the accelerator pump? Did not remove the float assembly, just soaked.

(By now, I am REALLY familiar with how to access the carb but getting the dang remote fuel valve stem on is a major pain!)

Wondering if I should look somewhere else like timing or something major in the engine or keep focussing on the carb?

Damn factory piston!

I had the piston skirt break off on my 97 scrambler 400. Figuring it’s age I thought it was going to happen and it did. Luckily no damage and I can redo the top end with the motor in the frame. Haven’t found any pieces so it makes me feel like it was slowing breaking up and getting spit out the exhaust. Quick hone and a wiseco piston with new rings and gasket it should be running better then when I got it. Happened in the first trip out as well, good thing is it got back to the truck and loaded under its own power was just backfiring bad

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