425 xpedition

Hi guys.. just picked up a 2001 425 xpedition. I can't figure out how to get it into AWD.. I'm just going into neutral and sliding the button over, no clue if that's correct or not. I don't see a light come on or hear anything that tells me it's in. Any help would be great, maybe something broken? What should I check?

Bad starter switch?

I recently had my 2001 Polaris Sportman 400 4x4 in the shop. The dealer said the starter switch was bad. They couldn't get one from Polaris so I got one off eBay from an ATV place in VA. Polaris part. Anyway the machine worked fine for a week but now won't start again. It's just clicks. My question is, did I get a bum switch? Could it be something else? Battery is new and has power, the lights work, etc. Also how can I test the switch to make sure it's either good or bad?

Very frustrated.

I terrified her! – rzr xp turbo (video)

Hello friends,

My boss and his partner both have 2017 RZR XP 4 TURBOS they bought new together. They've told me I can use them as a company perk. So...I use them often. Flat out amazing machines. Anyhow, we have a friend visiting this weekend. She has never ridden in a side-by-side, so I schemed to take her out under the pretense of a leisurely cruise. Haha! She saw the GoPro but didn't know it was filming her. Good times.

Sportsman 500 2008

I put a jump Box on my 4 Wheeler Crank right-up soon as I take it off it it goes dead Could be a battery or something else

Sportsman 800 bogging issue

I got a 2005 sportsman 800 twin that starts fine and run's good for about 15 to 20 minutes then starts to bog down and loose power , if I give it more trottle and keep the revs up, most of the time it will work ok until I decrease trottle and will bog down again and stall thank for any feed back

Been away awhile

Hi people, been awhile. Life caught up to me and have been out of the loop awhile.
Previously my handle was Grizz, and I joined back in 2006. Something happened
with my old email via yahoo and needed to make a new account.
I had a 2006 max xt, my first ride, but since have moved on to a 2017 570L, and I love it.
Kids have grown up, my son has a 2015 500L he purchased, and my wife,
Wild1 of 35 years got a 2017 450L. We also have a 2004 outlander 330 2WD as a play toy,
very light on its tires, and pretty quick. Attempted to talk my daughter into riding it but
she shows no interest.

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maintenance advice

Hey guys, just looking for some advice a on what i should be doing to my bike for maintenance, I have a 2011 renegade 800 xxc, it's at 4400 kms now and other then fluid changes I haven't had to do hardly a thing too it. Im even running the factory belt. I'm thinking about a cvtech primary and a maverick belt, and a good tune up. Are plug wires an often changed item? The plugs were changed about a month ago. What about a valve adjustment? Air filter is a k&n, what is a good exhaust and tuner for a gen1 800? Thanks in advance for any help.

Little help with some rims

I found a set of stock Polaris wheels for sale. The guy says they are sportsman wheels and had them on his 2014 570 sportsman. They are 25x8x12 and 25x11x12. I was wondering if they will fit on my 98 sportsman 500. My stocks are 25x11x10 and 25x8x12. I added a picture of the rims, they look like rzr wheels to me and from what I've read I will need spacers, not something I want to do.

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